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The Begin


Graceful as the flight of a butterfly resting on a flower. Deep souls, independent souls
souls that come together to create a highly refined bouquet.
A gentle and delicate flight, which ties all the structures into a single great embrace,
made of pure intimate atmospheres, where you can escape, but still feel at home.

The Begin


The first chain but-not-chain in Italy, with an entirely innovative hotellerie concept,
based on the enhancement of individuality and uniqueness, far from standardisation and uniformity.

Here, we intervene on tiptoe. Shaping, without altering, the individual peculiarities of each reality.
We practice tailor-made, meticulous attention to detail, listening, authentic dedication to the guest,
small series, experimentation, integration with the local territory.
Here, we are inspired by luxury. Refined. Never shouted nor pretentiously exhibited.

The Begin


Of a path, of an entrepreneurial dream that aims to enhance the essence of each structure and
combine it with its environment. It is the beginning of a new way of hospitality. Genuine.
One that knows how to reach the core of things, sensations, and emotions.
It is the beginning of a journey, each time different, each time unique. Nevertheless, always consistent.
Always ethical. Attention to detail, personalisation, authenticity, and the enhancement of the local territory:
these are our milestones. These are the wings of the butterfly.